Ghana may be the most expensive African country to live in

Here is an infographic from expat website MoveHub which shows the cheapest and most expensive countries to live in compared to New York. If you are thinking about moving to Ghana this may be a good index to take a look at to gauge how much money you might save or spend more to be in Ghana. It might even help you decide if Ghana is for you (based on your financial capacity) or if you might consider somewhere else.

For instance, apparently some of the cheapest countries in the world include North Africans Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria. In Africa, aside from the three above, it would be cheaper for you to live in Nigeria, Kenya or even South Africa.

The index took into account the cost of groceries, transport, restaurants and utilities. With restaurants like Santoku, and Icon House its no surprise.


Ghana has a Consumer Price Index (CPI) score of 70.7 making it 29.3% cheaper than New York. However according to Numbeo that score also makes Ghana the most expensive in Africa.



To explain what you see, if a country has a CPI score of 70, it is 30% cheaper to live in, in comparison to New York. If the score is 120 it’s 20% more expensive.

You might notice that Gabon, the Republic of the Congo and Burundi are, according to MoveHub but not according to Numbeo, more expensive to live in than Ghana. So maybe there’s some relief to be had.


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