New Transport System

So I think I wrote about Accra’s Bus Rapid Transport system before. I’ve been looking forward to it since I first moved to Ghana and now that I’m not there, it has finally arrived. Everyone’s buzzing about it.  A few weeks ago I was engaged in a long conversation about the BRT system on the Trotro Diaries facebook group.

The government bought 495 new buses for it. The BRT system using a ticketing system akin to the Oyster (London) or EZ-Link (Singapore) electronic Near Field Communication (NFC) card payment systems.

Basically if you find yourself in Ghana you will buy an MMT card for GHS2 (£.035; $0.53) and then you have to top up the card with money to pay for your fare. A journey from the Tema Station in CBD Accra, to Tema will cost GHS4 (£0.69; $1.05). On a trotro it is still cheaper–GHS3 (£0.52;$0.79)– but I guess the extra cost is for the enjoyment of the Air Conditioning.

I’m definitely going to use it when I get back to Ghana. I know there are enough repats who cringe at the idea of taking trotro, but as you know I’ve never shied away from public transport, I just dont have the patience for taxi wahala.



Feature image credit: @Kwabena

Article images credit: James Conrad Buckle

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