MOVIE ALERT: Ghana Must Go | Yvonne Okoro, Blossom Chukwujekwu

I remember some time back in April/May time, I was sitting in Shisha Lounge, and in comes Blossom Chukwujekwu with his friends. The repats I was sitting with didn’t recognise him–they clearly are not watching enough modern Nollywood films. So there he was, turns out he was in town filming Ghana Must Go, the second movie produced by Yvonne Okoro through her Desamour company. A couple months down the line, the film is ready for release. It will premiere in Ghana on Saturday 2nd January 2016, then be toured through the continent, but I don’t know when it will reach us the West African diaspora in London. Yvonne, darling don’t take long wai!


If you’re in Ghana and you’re not sure if you’re going to see it. 40 cedis is not too much for a movie premiere and it seems their throwing in a free box of popcorn! It opens at the Silverbird branches in Accra Mall and West Hills Mall.

Ama arrives in Accra with her fiancee Chuks. She is met at the airport by her brother Kwabena who is stunned to find out that Chuks is a Nigerian – a little detail Ama forgot to share with her family, for good reason.

Upon reaching the Kanga famil house in Accra, it dawns on Chuks that Ama is actually from an affluent family. Her father is a retired senior army officer-turned-industrialist and her mother is a well established high society personality. They knew of Chuks existence, but they didn’t know that he was Nigerian. Needless to say, Ama’s father, Alex, does like this and his shotgun has more to say about it too! Alex has harboured a deep abhorrence for Nigerians since the 1983 forced exodus, known better as Ghana-Must-Go. Just when it seems that Ama and Chuks might win over her parents, his clan arrives from Eastern Nigeria. Now for Ama and Chuks, the test really begins…

I like this story. It reminds me of Meet the Parents/Meet the Fockers which means there’s still space for a good sequel similar to Little Fockers!! Obviously as a half Ghanaian (mother), half Nigeria (father) I know what a “Little Fockers”-esque sequel would look like – hilarious! *fingers crossed for it*


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