African Natural Hair Journey: Crochet braiding in Ghana

My sister is currently in Ghana and she needed to do her crochet braids. Those who are dedicated to the natural hair journey will know that crochet braids are basically the latest trend in hairstyling for naturalistas (you don’t need natural hair in order to do it, but I’ve noticed the naturalistas love it at the mo).

The problem with the “natural hair journey” is that it is an adventure that didn’t quite start out of Africa and it isn’t heading back their fast either. Relaxing, weaves and traditional braiding are still the most popular methods of hair styling. That’s why you’ll see a bunch of returnee diaspora females incorporating their natural hair journey into their diary of returning to Ghana.

So back to this crochet malarkey. My sister left her crochet hook at home in London (I saw it when I returned home from the airport) and she was looking to buy a replacement out there. It took 5 days but eventually she got one. There’s a store, UrbanMakes, who have a website (linked) and a store Beauty Bistro on the Abeka Road next to Zoo Zoo Restaurant. I can’t believe I just gave directions like that…. here’s a map.

Crochet Map

Note: if you simply just type Zoozoo restaurant into Google maps you’ll end up with the Mataheko branch and then you’ll be totally lost. Type in Zoozoo Butchery and you’ll get the Abeka Road branch.

UrbanMakes/Beauty Bistro sell a crochet hook for 12 cedis and they sell the right hair too! You can get a pack for around 45-55 cedis (£10.17) which if I remember from our time walking around Peckham, is a bit high, but whilst it might still be a niche in Ghana, it is understandable.

There were only a few other people who had the crochet hook and/or hair and even fewer who could do it for you if you can’t do it yourself. As I was given their private numbers I won’t broadcast it on the internet but if you need a contact who can do crochet braids/supply materials just hit me up on twitter (@thebellower) or via the comments and I will privately help you out.


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