Gluten Free Cakes in Ghana

My sister doesn’t eat gluten anymore. Or at least to be more accurate I should say my sister avoids eating gluten as much as she can. Our trip to Ghana overlapped with my sister’s birthday so I had to arrange a birthday cake for her – can’t let her say that I didn’t make an effort.

I put out a request on the highly reliable Ahaspora network and was soon overwhelmed with a number of emails. One company received multiple mentions: The Gluten Free Bakers.

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#sfouf is an #eggless, #vegan yellow cake flavored with #aniseed & #turmeric #spices. The word 'sfouf' literally means "rows" in Arabic & it is called this because it is cut into rows of squares before serving. It is one of the oldest & most #traditional #Lebanese sweets characterized by its intense #yellow color from the turmeric spice. Turmeric is one of the healthiest spices that has a long history of medicinal use, natural remedies & has been proven to have numerous health benefits including a wide range of antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal & anti-inflammatory properties. I've always loved Sfouf especially my mother in law's (who is an amazing cook 😉) so I put myself to the challenge & decided to make a #glutenfree version of her recipe. It has the perfect balance of ingredients for a #moist, rich & flavorful cake. The secret ingredient is the addition of brewed anise tea to the batter which enhances the taste & texture of the cake. The results speak for themselves. This cake is definitely unique & tackles a different set of tastebuds you never knew you had. Some people say it has a 'magical' taste and hey, I don't disagree… Most Lebanese sweets are usually heavy with sugar, cheese & loads of butter! But this spongy cake is light, slightly sweet, making it a guilt-free #healthy treat for the whole family. #traditionalfood #gfdessert #gfcake #healthyoption #homebakedwithlove #theglutenfreebakers

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The service from The Gluten Free Bakers was on point. I was by far a very frustrating client (I told them I was on my way, but then decided to tick off all other tasks first). They responded to me swiftly, managed to deal with my request in less than 24 hours and checked on me when I was taking too long.

I normally don’t like gluten free food. Gluten is the GOOD bit, obviously! The bit that makes you go mmmmm. I thought about not eating the cupcakes because I knew I would be disappointed. BUT. OH. MY. GOSH. These were some of the best cakes I had ever tasted. I’m not saying some of the best gluten free cakes, I’m saying some of the best cakes hands down, of any category.

I’m going to suggest that if you need a cake, you don’t even bother looking for a normal bakery. Don’t head to any other cupcake stores. The Gluten Free Bakers Mummy-Daughter duo are amazing! I had initially planned to have pictures of the cupcakes to share with you because they were beautiful, but we ate them before I remembered. That explains the pictures I culled from their instagram profile.

Contact them on 0555502237.

If for any reason The Gluten Free Bakers are unable to carry out your order, here are a few others I was told about. I haven’t used them but they were recommended by a few other people:

Cathy – 0244235746

Dzifa Cakes – 0244571484 *also does vegan, requires 48 hr notice

Icing & Co – 0502085114 ***They will introduce gluten free hopefully by end of this year.****

Mamie Owusu-Adjei – 0242555171 *upon request


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