Gluten Free Cakes in Ghana

Well-being and clean eating is possible in Africa. Here’s the best place to get Gluten Free Cakes in Ghana


African Natural Hair Journey: Crochet braiding in Ghana

My sister is currently in Ghana and she needed to do her crochet braids. Those who are dedicated to the natural hair journey will know that crochet braids are basically the latest trend in hairstyling for naturalistas (you don’t need natural hair in order to do it, but I’ve noticed the naturalistas love it at… Continue reading African Natural Hair Journey: Crochet braiding in Ghana

Getting the Young Diaspora to engage with Ghana, by a repat who left the country

When people hear that I moved to Ghana and then left again they often think it confirms their preconceptions about the country. I made two videos with The Only Way is Ghana about my experiences and why I chose to leave. Ghana is not easy to live in but no where is in the world.

I would hate for people to focus on reasons for leaving Ghana. My biggest decision was my motivation to move there in the first place!

I think the magic of the diaspora engagement story is not the idea of reverse migration – it isn’t in the success of repatriating and staying there – the magic is in choosing to be involved and launching that exciting adventurous experience which may mean you straddle across two or more countries.

(photo credit: Ernest Simons| Future of Ghana)

Ghana may be the most expensive African country to live in

Here is an infographic from expat website MoveHub which shows the cheapest and most expensive countries to live in compared to New York. If you are thinking about moving to Ghana this may be a good index to take a look at to gauge how much money you might save or spend more to be… Continue reading Ghana may be the most expensive African country to live in

Day 630: Visiting Wisdom Ways Academy, Accra

Whilst being in Ghana I have become great friends with a man called Solomon Yamoah. He left the comfortable life in Scotland and returned to Ghana to set up a school, Wisdom Ways ¬†Academy. I have questioned Solo many times about making that decision but he always says he just felt it was his calling.… Continue reading Day 630: Visiting Wisdom Ways Academy, Accra

#Ghana #Film: A Northern Affair

Film: A Northern Affair Starring: John Dumelo, Joselyn Dumas, Jon Germain Review: Rumour has it John and Joselyn are dating making JoDum2. Now I’m not one to delve into the private relationships of people who are not related to me but I can see from this film how those rumours were fueled. You know with… Continue reading #Ghana #Film: A Northern Affair