Getting the Young Diaspora to engage with Ghana, by a repat who left the country

When people hear that I moved to Ghana and then left again they often think it confirms their preconceptions about the country. I made two videos with The Only Way is Ghana about my experiences and why I chose to leave. Ghana is not easy to live in but no where is in the world.

I would hate for people to focus on reasons for leaving Ghana. My biggest decision was my motivation to move there in the first place!

I think the magic of the diaspora engagement story is not the idea of reverse migration – it isn’t in the success of repatriating and staying there – the magic is in choosing to be involved and launching that exciting adventurous experience which may mean you straddle across two or more countries.

(photo credit: Ernest Simons| Future of Ghana)


My awesome little cousin’s journey into photography

My little cousin is probably the most confident five year old Ghanaian you’ll come across. We went to the beach the other day because she was bored at home. Obviously since we wouldn’t let her swim in Ghana’s ocean (only well maintained hotel swimming pools for my uncle’s little princess) she was also quite bored… Continue reading My awesome little cousin’s journey into photography

Day 144: Kesewa the Elder

Meet my grandmother’s little sister. I’m named after her and from all the debates I’ve had with my grandmother it turns out it’s not just a name I share with her, but also my sense of right and wrong (which doesn’t always read never matches with my grandmother’s). In  many African cultures it is believed that… Continue reading Day 144: Kesewa the Elder