Getting the Young Diaspora to engage with Ghana, by a repat who left the country

When people hear that I moved to Ghana and then left again they often think it confirms their preconceptions about the country. I made two videos with The Only Way is Ghana about my experiences and why I chose to leave. Ghana is not easy to live in but no where is in the world.

I would hate for people to focus on reasons for leaving Ghana. My biggest decision was my motivation to move there in the first place!

I think the magic of the diaspora engagement story is not the idea of reverse migration – it isn’t in the success of repatriating and staying there – the magic is in choosing to be involved and launching that exciting adventurous experience which may mean you straddle across two or more countries.

(photo credit: Ernest Simons| Future of Ghana)


T-minus 5 days: Picked up my visa

So yes, sure I admit I do everything last-minute but as long as that last-minute decision is normally facilitated, there’s no problem. I went to the Ghana High Commission in North London. The man processing my application couldn’t believe that my purpose for going to Ghana was to live with my grandmother. It seems a… Continue reading T-minus 5 days: Picked up my visa