Trip to Royal Senchi

Since leaving the desk job I’ve been freelancing and actively searching for interesting, impacting projects. I’ve come across quite a few as well so I would say it was a good idea that I quite my day job! I came across Booomers International a for-profit spin off of the Yonso Project. They make bike frames out of bamboo. This is not news to you readers in the West, no doubt you’ve seen some hipster somewhere riding a bamboo bike. But here in Ghana, where there are two noted bamboo bicycle manufacturers it is still a myth that bikes can be made out of wood.

So we went from the Holiday Hotel, which I have just put on the map, to Tema. At the big Tema roundabout I met a bunch of Okada riders who wanted to take us 90mins on the back of a motorcycle to the Royal Senchi. That wasn’t going to be comfortable, they settled with a photo of them all, even though I told them I wouldn’t be back to sell it to them. That didn’t seem to bother them. It never seems to bother Ghanaians, they just like the celebrity experience I guess. Here’s Michael, my first “celebrity”:


From Tema, to Senchi, it was a long ride through the Michel Camp area and Shai Hills. A fairly bumpy ride if you’re thinking of taking the journey I would recommend a 4X4.


Senchi has this really beautiful ceramic chandelier in its foyer, I just had to complement it to Roman, the General Manager, and get a picture of it from his office. Apparently it took a number of burly men to hoist it up into position so my plan to steal it and install it in my own house fast went out of the window! Plus apparently it costs an arm and a leg so if anyone sees a nice affordable replica please buy if for me!

We took a little bit of a tour around the site and it really is the nicest hotel I’ve been to in Ghana. It is no wonder the Royal Senchi has been winning awards left right and centre since opening. You will love the roof thatching that runs through the entire complex. You will love the authentic kente woven table placemats. You will love the roaming-free peacocks.


Roman is really down to earth and friendy too, he was nice enough to treat us to food on-the-house which I obviously took advantage of. If you ever go their you will not regret ordering the King Prawn salad.


Either way we all had a really great time. Royal Senchi is a must-visit. Get out of Accra, stop going to the same old haunts and discover the Eastern Region which is really the most tourist friendly part of Ghana.


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